Premium Delivery Robot

Relay of Classic

BellaBot inherits the outstanding characteristics of the previous generation, while being endowed with superior human-robot interaction capabilities. Featuring an innovative bionic design, cute expressions, multi-modal interaction, and many other new functions, BellaBot provides you with an unprecedented delivery robot experience.

Design Aesthetics

BellaBot features an innovative bionic design that has been meticulously crafted in every aspect, from the machine body’s height to the screen tilt and shape curve.

Industry-exclusive Dual SLAM Solution for Full Coverage in Any Scenario

BellaBot supports both Visual SLAM and Laser SLAM positioning and navigation solutions to adapt to any scenarios. These solutions are highly accurate and provide an excellent user experience.

3D Omnidirectional Obstacle

In pursuit of enhanced safety, BellaBot is equipped with multiple 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. It can accurately detect and respond to obstacles, with a response time as short as 0.5 seconds.


Equipped with three RGBD depth cameras, BellaBot has the most advanced 3D perception to date

Obstacle detection frequency up to

5,400 times per minute

Front detection angle up to


Front obstacle detection range exceeds

10 meters

Multimodal Interaction




Light Interaction

Different tasks trigger corresponding light interactions.

Touch Interaction

Unique touch interaction design enables unprecedented human-robot interaction by caressing BellaBot’s ears and forehead

Expression Interaction

Exclusive “cat” expressions are specially designed to give BellaBot a warm and friendly appearance.

Infrared Induction Tray

The intelligent tray can detect when a delivery is complete, enhancing delivery efficiency

Power Exchange Technology

Instant battery swapping allows BellaBot to operate continuously, leading to improved productivity and cost savings

Auto-level Independent Suspension

Auto-level independent suspension linkage system allows BellaBot to maneuver with great stability on various floor surfaces.

Pudu Scheduler

Powered by a decentralized and flexible ad hoc network, robots on the same network can directly communicate with one another and work in perfect synchronization.

Pudu Cloud

Pudu Cloud platform offers powerful cloud-based services for the robots, including business management, automated operation and maintenance, and scenario data collection.

Machine Dimension

56.5cm x 53.7cm x 129cm

Tray Size

41cm x 50cm

Machine Weight


Load Capacity

Max 40kg, 10kg/tray (4-layer tray)

Machine Material

ABS / Aviation-Grade aluminium alloy

Cruise Speed

0.5m/s - 1.2m/s (Adjustable)

Battery Life

12 - 24 hours (Swappable battery)

Path Clearance


Charging Time

4.5 hours


Marker Positioning & Laser Positioning