Delivery & Reception Robot with Ads Display

Relay of Classic

Meet KettyBot – the first delivery and reception robot that can multitask, including marketing, delivery, and guiding. Its 18.5″ HD display offers dynamic advertising, promotions, and interactive content. Easy to deploy, KettyBot is a cost-effective and efficient solution for daily operations.

Product Highlights

Superior Mobility

Customized Advertisement

Customer Attraction

Greeting & Escorting

AI Voice Interaction

Multiple Delivery Modes

Automatic Recharging

Automatic Localization
and Navigation System

Compact Design for Improved Agility

KettyBot’s compact design enables it to maneuver easily in complex and crowded environments.

Marketing Expert on Wheels

With its 18.5” large screen, KettyBot can display promotional videos and pictures wherever it goes, making it an excellent mobile advertising robot for your business.

A New Way to Impress Your Customers

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot intelligently greets and interacts with customers as they walk by, waking up its screen. This would certainly be more eye-catching than a conventional approach!

Two Forms for Greater Versatility

With its removable trays and rear cover[1], KettyBot’s form can be customized to fit your business needs

KettyBot - 2 Forms


Multiple tables can be served in a single run with accurate positioning and optimal path planning.

Cruise Mode

While in Cruise Mode, KettyBot can cruise through a predetermined path, distributing snacks, drinks, and promotional materials.

Dual-SLAM Navigation

Dual Laser & Visual SLAM allows KettyBot to accurately detect obstacles, significantly enhancing its navigation and safety capabilities

Multi-robot Cooperation for Higher Efficiency

Powered by a decentralized and flexible ad hoc network, robots on the same network can directly communicate with one another and work in perfect synchronization.

Automatic Charging for Continuous Service

Automatically returns to the charging dock[2] when battery is running low

Machine Dimension

43.5cm x 45cm x 112cm

Load Capacity


Machine Weight


Cruise Speed

0.5m/s - 1.2m/s (Adjustable)

Battery Life

> 8 hours

Path Clearance


Charging Time

4.5 hours

Ads Display Dimension


1. Rear cover to be purchased separately.
2. Charging dock to be purchased separately.